Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap consists of a design that is developed by our staff of designers, then printed on special vinyl material(s) and laminated, and finally installed or “wrapped” on a vehicle. The wrap is applied directly to the vehicle. The application is so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job.

How Is A Wrap Designed?

Quite often this process begins with a simple sketch. We only need basic direction with regard to colors/themes after which we have enough to generate a rough draft.  Once this initial concept is approved, we continue to add depth & effects to the design to create a more polished look until each design is finalized.

How Do You Wrap A Vehicle?

A vehicle wrap starts like everything does, with lots of preparation. The existing condition of each vehicle is inspected for damage, cracks, chips, or any other imperfections.  Once those areas are addressed the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and the disassembly of all hardware begins.  After those steps are completed the vinyl is ready to be applied.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Typically the design process takes considerably longer to complete than the physical portion of the process.  We routinely turn around most vehicles in a single day, with color changes requiring a bit more attention to detail as it requires a more in-depth process.

What is the Warranty Cover?

We offer the Only “No-Hassle” warranty, If you experience any problem we simply fix it with No-Hassle to you.

Business Wraps

Turn your vehicle into a rolling advertisement

Looking for a way to ramp up your marketing? Take a closer look at vehicle wraps – the ultimate in mobile advertising. They’re billboards on wheels. Trains, planes and automobiles have all been wrapped to drive advertising, marketing and branding for companies of all types. Our design team can create custom graphics that not only get you noticed, but also provides a
Return On Your Investment.


Personal Wraps

for your car

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